Mahabhakti recognizes spirituality and our connection to source energy as fundamental needs, akin to food, clothing, or shelter. Unfortunately, amidst the hustle and bustle of daily life, these essential aspects often go overlooked.

Mahabhakti is committed to making a positive impact in the lives of those seeking support and to raising awareness about our spiritual essence.

We host a variety of community events and spiritual retreats to foster growth and connection. Additionally, we provide full scholarships for individuals in need to participate in our immersive spiritual retreats. We firmly believe in inclusivity, ensuring that everyone has access to spiritual guidance and teachings.

In addition to our core initiatives, the Mahabhakti Foundation extends its offerings to include yoga and music programs tailored for both youth and adults. These programs aim to nurture holistic well-being and foster spiritual growth.

Furthermore, we provide specialized retreats designed specifically for individuals struggling with Substance Use Disorder (SUD), as well as for professionals working within the SUD industry. These retreats offer unique support and guidance tailored to the specific needs of these groups.


Co-Founder, Jozee

Jozee is a certified advanced Yoga instructor with over 30 years of experience specializing in mantra, sound healing, pranayama, children’s and restorative yoga.

After seeing her daughter suffer from Substance Use Disorder (SUD) and watching her take part in the SUD services for Santa Cruz County, Jozee knew that she wanted to be involved locally to see what positive changes were needed for those suffering from SUD and for the SUD service providers in her community.

Jozee was appointed in 2020 to the SUDC (Substance Use Disorder Commission) for Santa Cruz County.  Jozee is a member of the Behavioral Health Equity Collaborative (BHEC). BHEC is dedicated to increasing Behavioral Health equity for our community by bringing together community representatives to identify, address, and reduce behavioral health disparities for cultural groups represented in Santa Cruz County. 

Jozee, and her husband, Cricket, have developed the Naturally Mystic Experience ( as an offering of the culmination of their 30 years together and after raising 7 beautiful children.

“We help individuals, families, and children to feel more connection, meaning, and empowerment in their lives by sharing a deeply spiritual lifestyle that is intuitive and easily integrated into their daily routine.”

~Jozee and Cricket

Co-Founder, Cricket

Cricket is an artist, writer, lyricist, and musician at heart. With a background in graphic design, herbal product manufacturing, and music production, Cricket has also been the drum circle facilitator for the Etheridge Cruises and Etheridge Island for the past 5 years.

As a survivor of chronic childhood trauma, addressing Complex PTSD has been a lifelong journey to build confidence and self-esteem. Cricket began hand drumming at seventeen years old. Through self-expression, he discovered that the practice of hand drumming addresses three levels of consciousness: mind, body, and spirit.

“The drum circle is like a village, a place of belonging, which is essential for developing human connections. Drumming allows us access to ourselves and our feelings. It’s a safe space for self-expression, non-verbal communication, and for listening to and bonding with others. Whether following instructed patterns and rhythms or whether engaged in a spontaneous group orchestration, changes in dynamics, tempo, rhythm, and intensity allow for a wide range of emotional release, which sometimes can mean to express aggression, or to release stress and anxiety. This is a safe place to feel these emotions, let go, and to move past them. Drumming also allows us to lose ourselves in meditation and enjoy the calm mindfulness it brings. The act of drumming can create an altered state of consciousness – a Naturally Mystic Experience. To let go and connect with your spiritual side is quite healing. Most of all, it’s fun. This is freedom.” ~Cricket

Executive Director, Zaynrico

Zaynrico Roberto serves as the Executive Director of MahaBhakti, bringing his unique perspective combined with a deep commitment to the organization’s mission of promoting spiritual growth and holistic well-being.

In his role as Executive Director, Zaynrico is entrusted with the day-to-day operations of the nonprofit, ensuring the effective implementation of its mission and strategic objectives. He leads with vision and purpose, guiding the team towards fulfilling MahaBhakti’s overarching goals.

With a keen focus on program management and service delivery, Zaynrico oversees the organization’s various initiatives, ensuring they align with MahaBhakti’s values and objectives. He manages staff, develops and implements budgets, and maintains a strong presence within the community and among stakeholders.

Zaynrico’s leadership extends to fundraising efforts, community outreach, and strategic planning, as he works to drive sustainable growth and impact. His passion for spirituality and his commitment to serving others inspire the MahaBhakti team and community to strive for excellence in all endeavors.

Through his unwavering dedication and visionary leadership, Zaynrico Roberto plays a pivotal role in guiding MahaBhakti towards its mission of empowering individuals and communities to lead spiritually enriched lives.

MahaBhakti, translating to “great devotion,” embodies the ethos of the Roberto family’s commitment to service. At the heart of this dedication are Jozee and Cricket’s sons, actively participating in our programs. They not only provide and prepare delicious organic vegan meals for our retreats but also offer invaluable support across all aspects of our initiatives. Their involvement underscores our collective mission to serve others with compassion and dedication. Our family finds great joy and peace in serving others in this way, enriching both their lives and ours through meaningful connections and shared experiences.

Meet Jozee and Cricket’s daughter, Jasra, the inspiration for our  Substance Use Disorder programs, she’s an absolute success story. Not only is she now a registered drug and alcohol counselor in Santa Cruz County,  she’s also an employee of a local SUD service provider and received the High Achievers Scholarship for Career Technical Education in 2023. We celebrate her success and attribute her life today to her self-determination and her love for her two children, and to all the amazing service providers who assisted her recovery in Santa Cruz County.

John Leopold, with 12 years of dedicated service as a Santa Cruz County Supervisor, offers invaluable insight into the county’s community dynamics and needs. His extensive experience is instrumental in guiding the MahaBhakti through local government relations and maximizing the benefits of community programs for our initiatives.


Beyond his professional expertise, John’s personal mentorship to our Co-Founders,  Jozee and Cricket, adds a deeply supportive layer, ensuring that MahaBhakti’s activities are seamlessly integrated within the community. His profound and genuine passion for helping his community significantly inspires and directs our efforts to align with the unique needs of Santa Cruz County.




As a rhythm ambassador Arthur Hull travels the world inspiring community-building through the metaphor of music. His pioneering Rhythm Facilitation work has touched the lives of thousands of people world-wide instigating the new and growing profession of the community Drum Circle Facilitator.

Arthur is known throughout the world as an inspirational presenter, a skilled group facilitator and a motivational trainer. Bringing Village Music Circles experiences to communities and organizations worldwide, Arthur has inspired a grass-roots movement of people from diverse cultures and backgrounds who have learned to use the impact of rhythm as a means to improve human interaction.

With a mission to make the joy and the impact of rhythm accessible to everyone, Arthur brings his fun and inspirational rhythm experiences to communities from corporate executives to kids at risk. A gifted percussionist and charismatic facilitator, Arthur leads diverse groups through a joyful and inspiring experience using music and rhythm. From small groups to groups of thousands, English speaking to Mandarin, youngsters to elders, Arthur’s wit and humor motivate people beyond cultural and personal barriers inspiring full, enthusiastic participation and community-building.

In 1980 Arthur Hull founded Village Music Circles; instructing over 7000 students at the University of California, Santa Cruz, while bringing experiential team-building and leadership events to organizations internationally. Currently he taught over 10,000 students in 34 countries around the world. Organizations from Asia to Europe are tapping into the pulse of team and community-building experiences that Arthur’s motivational music-making inspires.



Brenda Armstrong is a dedicated advocate for youth well-being and community health, leveraging over 40 years of experience in government agencies to drive impactful change. Her passion lies in promoting prevention services to mitigate public health challenges and foster stronger, healthier communities. With a focus on environmental strategies, Brenda spearheads initiatives that influence social norms, regulations, and substance access to enhance community wellness. She has successfully managed collaborative projects at both state and local levels including Santa Cruz Counties Together for Youth and Community Prevention Partners Coalitions, as well as the Friday Night Live Program. These endeavors empower youth and community members to take on leadership roles in addressing issues directly affecting them. She currently provides training and coaching expertise in navigating systems and crafting policies that prioritize health, equity, and sustainability. She has earned recognition for Santa Cruz County’s prevention programs and notable achievements include the nationally acclaimed Project CURB (Communities United to Reduce Bingeing) and The Seven Challenges Reduction of Suspension Project. Her work is highlighted in the books, Radical Transformational Leadership, by Dr. Monica Sharma and Preventing Alcohol-Related Problems: Evidence and Community-based Initiatives, by Giesbrecht and Bosma. Brenda holds a BA in Business Administration from Sacramento State University, providing her with a well-rounded foundation to drive effective change at the intersection of public health, community development, and youth empowerment.


Brenda Armstrong, with over 40 years of government agency experience, passionately advocates for youth well-being and community health. She focuses on promoting prevention services to tackle public health challenges and build resilient communities. Brenda leads environmental strategies that shape social norms, regulations, and substance access to enhance community wellness. Her leadership has driven successful collaborative projects at state and local levels, including Santa Cruz County Prevention Collaboratives and the Friday Night Live Program. She empowers youth and community members to address issues directly impacting them. Brenda provides training and coaching on navigating systems and crafting policies prioritizing health, equity, and sustainability. Her work, including projects like Project CURB and The Seven Challenges Reduction of Suspension Project, has earned national recognition. Highlighted in influential books, Brenda’s BA in Business Administration equips her to drive impactful change at the nexus of public health, community development, and youth empowerment.



The MahaBhakti Foundation is a project of
The Children Are Our Future, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization