The MahaBhakti Foundation serves the divine presence in all beings by offering projects, programs, and methods to help people feel more meaning, connection, and empowerment in their lives to realize their greatest potential. 


Yoga & Music Programs

MahaBhakti offers Yoga & Music Programs in Santa Cruz County, emphasizing breath and sound healing to promote positive connections and experiences. Tailored for both youth and adults, our programs aim to nurture holistic well-being and foster spiritual growth. Through the transformative power of breathwork and sound healing practices, participants are guided toward inner harmony and self-discovery.

Spiritual Immersion Retreats

The MahaBhakti Foundation integrates traditional and ancient healing modalities to support contemporary healthcare practices addressing the public health emergency, Substance Use Disorder (SUD).

We offer Connection, Empowerment, and Leadership retreats. These retreats are designed to address the specific needs of SUD clients, provider employees, and executive leaders within Santa Cruz County.

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We are spiritual beings having a physical experience on this planet. 

The Mahabhakti Foundation addresses spirituality and our connection to source energy as a basic need (just like food, clothing, or shelter) which often gets overlooked as we get caught up in our daily lives.


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The MahaBhakti Foundation is a project of
The Children Are Our Future, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization